My house is all a flutter as we prepare for our wee one’s baby blessing tomorrow at our home. Things are busy. I’m a bit frazzled. I have zero tolerance, currently, for kid messes and I have turned into an over-zealous defender of the house. Toss your dirty hoodie onto the floor and my head just might start spinning around in circles. I keep mentally quoting my friend Stephanie, who has special kids and lots of similar challenges. She always says, “You can’t tell that I cleaned, but you would REALLY be able to tell if I didn’t clean!” While I am at church tomorrow teaching Gospel Doctrine, Jeff has been instructed to Guard the House. At. All. Costs. It’s really clean, people, so don’t mess it up!

In our wild, frenzied preparations, I found today that sometimes it’s just the little things that make me pause and look around and feel really happy. Just little, random things like the tween girl on the sidelines of the Junior Jazz basketball game who looked at me with a shy smile and told me that my hair looked like something from a Tresemme commercial. Or eating queso and tortilla chips with Jeff at Costa Vida tonight with nary a kid in sight (unless you count the loud and dramatic gaggle of show choir teens at the table near ours, which I do not). Things like a jewel of a babysitter who not only guards the house, but who also knows and loves the eccentricities of each kid in her care and makes them feel important.

This week a little thing became a big, happy thing: I had been planning for months to take my baby to a studio just days after his birth to have his pictures taken. One premature birth later, those plans were blown out of the water and replaced with a sad longing that I couldn’t take him anywhere and would miss photographing him in his precious, squishy, newborn phase. I kept saying to myself, “I need someone with a really good camera to just come to my house and take my baby’s picture!” Who that would be, I had no idea. Until my friend Mandi (who happens to be the mom of a seriously cool kid who we met in Early Intervention years ago, as well as the mom of our OTHER gem of a babysitter) called me and informed me that she now owns a really amazing camera, and that she was coming to my house to take my baby’s picture as her gift to me.

It was one of those moments when the heavens opened and the sunlight illuminated my friend’s angel wings and I felt so loved. She came over and worked her magic photographing baby boy in his fresh, infant sweetness. My house is clean. My kids are happy. I have sitters who are such a gift to my family. And Jack made my day by doing twosies in the toilet tonight. Seriously, the blessings are thick.

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