Monthly Archives: January 2012

Survival and Shiz

I alway said that I would never have a blog because a) I didn’t have the time nor desire, and because b) the only blog title I could think of that even remotely fit my life was “What the Shiz?” which frankly just seemed a little too caustic, even if it was really quite accurate. Yet here I sit, clicking away with the faux electronic keyboard clicks of my iPad, composing a blog nevertheless. I’m just like all the teeming masses of bloggers now, relishing my little corner of cyberspace for the purpose of documenting the events of my life, which is at times so strange that if I weren’t living it, I don’t know if I would believe it.

So, what the shiz, here it is! I chose the title of my blog because it is my second favorite quote from one of my favorite movies (Fantastic Mr. Fox) inspired by one of my favorite authors (Roald Dahl). The last line of the film features Foxy (voiced by alpha-male George Clooney) saying, “here’s to our survival” as a kind of happy, defiant, stick-it-to-anyone-who-doubts-us victory cheer that he and his family and friends have escaped the clutches of failure and, while not perfect, life for them continues.

My life at home with four young boys, one of whom has special needs and is nonverbal and mentally delayed, is filled with both shiz and survival. It’s messy. Very. But it’s real and it’s happening, and by George, we’re surviving!

By the way, my very favorite quote from the aforementioned film is a random little exchange between Foxy and his wife (Meryl Streep) where he tells her, “I’m tired of living in a hole. It makes me feel poor,” to which she replies, “We are poor.” I think I love it so much because she offers a kernel of truth which is unencumbered by euphemism, brilliantly accepting of reality, and never self-pitying. Perhaps this is my goal, too.