Eight is Great

Jack’s eighth birthday is approaching in a few weeks. It’s a milestone birthday–the baptism birthday. and it’s something Jeff and I have been discussing much of late. This week I had a lovely conversation with our bishop about this topic and we decided what Jeff and I have known for a very long time:  Jack doesn’t need to be baptized.

At least, not now.  Maybe someday, years from now, he will have progressed to a point where it makes sense. but right now he is pure and innocent and unaccountable. And I am really peaceful acknowledging this.

As we discussed Jack’s development and level of comprehension, I explained to the bishop that if I were to ask Jack if he believed in God and in Jesus Christ, he wouldn’t be able to answer. The bishop then asked me if I believe that Jack has a testimony of the Savior and of Heavenly Father. This was the point at which I completely lost it.

When I composed myself enough to speak, I told Bishop that I have always felt that Jack is very closely acquainted with them both. I am quite certain that he feels their love for him. I’ve had, over the years, a handful of acutely spiritual experiences which informed that this is indeed the case.

One thing I’ve known about him since before he was born: Jack is valiant. There are other things I have learned since that time. He is brave and sweet and gentle. He is loving and happy and silly. He is special and he makes our whole family special. It’s goodness by association for the rest of us.

Instead of a baptism party, I think we may head to the farm for a celebratory tractor-pulled wagon-ride (a gauranteed Jack-pleaser) and quite possibly some individually wrapped Hostess cupcakes, complete with delightfully crinkly packaging (ditto).

Yep, eight is looking really, really great.

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