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There is a motley assortment of random, half-baked thoughts floating around my vacuous brain (so what else is new?!) In no way do they resemble a cohesive blog post. Proceed if you wish, knowing you’ve been cautioned about my rambling, snarky world-view.

Recently overheard (when my ten-year-old heard me telling Jeff about a fireside speaker who grew up in Uganda during the reign of a dangerous dictator): “Mom, who’s our dictator?” When I relayed this tale at an extended family dinner, my BIL quipped, “Barack Obama.”

Recently remembered (when I listened to a woman on the radio voice her opinion that jogging and biking in the nude should be illegal): Whenever I visited my two sisters who then resided in San Fransisco, they warned me that if someone on the street appeared to be stark naked, they probably were. The safest bet for these city-dwellers, when their peripheral vision revealed what seemed to be dudes wearing only shoes and hats, was to look away fast and avoid a second glance.

Recently decided: the month of May flits by in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, which is really unfortunate as it is lovely and temperate (like a summer’s day! tremendously well-said W. Shakespeare!) I long for these fresh, mild, blossom-fragrant evenings to stretch on throughout the year. But they are trotting by amid frenetic end-of-year preschool and school festivities in a sadistic race to begin the seriously so tortuous summer months.

Recently enjoyed: a little lunch on the patio of Normandie with three of my favorite people–my mom, my four-year-old, and my wee babe. Yay for being able to take Tubs out in public places after six long months of sequesterment.

Recently planted: my favorite zinnias courtesy of my mother-in-law, who has created a lovely Mother’s Day tradition.

Recently revisited: Moon Over Manifest, one of the loveliest Newberry books I’ve ever relished. It makes me nostalgic for my childhood and reminds me that summertime is magical. I should probably bolster this positive summertime attitude by also revising Dandelion Wine before May floats away on the breeze and June slams me to the ground.

Recently decided: a rejuvenating hair appointment is a mood-boost.

Recently photographed: my family. In a lovely outdoor setting. Artfully arranged. Miraculously, this happened without fanfare or theatrics or tears or wigging out. None of my Facebook friends have much to say about our photo, but I am pleased!

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