Jack Cam

I am currently watching a live video feed of Jack rolling around his room. He is fighting sleep, as are his brothers. I’m not sure why I seem to be the only exhausted person in the house when 9:00 P.M. rolls around, but such is life.

The Jack Cam has been an oft discussed topic in these parts. After literally years of talking about it, Jeff ordered a system and installed it yesterday morning between work calls and Jack’s bus returning him from school.

It’s pretty sweet: it offers a birds’ eye view of Jack’s entire bedroom and has infrared capabilities, which means we can see what he’s doing in the dark. Yep, Big Brother is watching Jack with night vision. Or rather, Big Momma and Big Pop are.

Henry are Charlie are fascinated with the Jack Cam. They take turns watching the monitor and running into Jack’s room to wave at each other. I don’t blame them. It IS pretty fascinating.

We are waiting and watching for the pre-BM moment, when we can avert a Code Brown and redirect Jack’s little tush to the bathroom. I think it just might work. Jeff already rushed in once after the Jack Cam revealed one pale boy jettisoning his pj’s and undies.

Jeff has promised to soon have the Jack Cam ready for portable viewing on my iPad, meaning no matter my lccation or current household task, if Jack is in his room, I will be able to see him preparing to duece and (theoretically) help break the Code Brown habit in favor of a new era of clean self-sufficiency.

In the past week, Jack has pooped in the potty a record FIVE times. This was all pre-Jack Cam, mind you, and it is a new, phenomenal record. Perhaps the Jack Cam will help cement this pleasant and welcome behavior.

I’m filled with hope!

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