Bus Watching

‘Tis the eve of the first day of school, but only for boy #1. It’s a teaser for Tuesday when that big yellow bus chugs up our street and puffs to a halt in front of our abode. When Jack traipses onto that bus, summer really ends.

Good freaking riddance, summer “break.”

You’ve been…real, I guess. Now don’t let the door hit your can on the way out.

Bring on the best season of the year:  the season of cool mornings and sunny afternoons, fall leaves, pumpkins, apples, harvest abundance, Halloween & Thanksgiving. Best of all, autumn is the season when school resumes.

If you are inclined to judge me and my attitude of unabashed happiness at school once again being in session, just keep it to yourself. I love my boys. We all love each other with more decorum and placidity, and less theatrics and hysterics when our school routines return.

Jeff and I looked around this weekend at the ridiculously messy state of our house. Jeff observed, astutely, that it looked like the scene of an ’80’s high school keg party in a John Hughes film, minus the actual party (or the keg).

This is Jack’s handiwork when he enters the end-of-summer-death-spiral.

We spent a few busy hours tidying the wreck before taking the boys to Grandma Joyce’s cabin where Jack enjoyed an evening of vacuuming the deck, the rug, the basement, and all the little crannies.

He gets so excited when the bus drives up and the door swings open. We are ready for it. Now it just needs to happen. It’s almost time.

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