We Made It

While summertime is not officially over yet, I can sense the end is near. How do I know this?

1) I am starting to go bat **** crazy.  The fun summer activities which have filled our time for many weeks no longer seem appealing to any of us. This August ennui leads me to think that we will all find the change invigorating.

2) Henry’s class list has been posted on the front doors of his school, his teacher has posted a list of recommended school supplies, and two different school open houses are on the calendar for my two school-age boys. This stuff is a lifeline for me at this point in the hot, endless, lingering summer days when Jack’s behavior takes a predictable backward slide.

3) Our next-door-neighbors and some of our boys’ favorite playmates are imminent to return from the frozen north where they summer. Yay! Happy days are coming!

4) I’m starting to daydream about what our days will look like when we return to the structures and routines which Jack depends on. We can climb out of summer survival mode and stretch a little.  Life  will move at a pleasant clip, instead of spinning in a nauseating vortex.

5) I find myself getting really happy when I think about the weather changing from hot and smoky to cool and crisp.

6) Fall clothing and shoes are my cup of tea. I’m ready to blow off this “maintaining a pedicure” business and put on some jeans and boots. Or sweats and sneakers. And long-sleeved tees with cozy hoodies. Huzzah, I won’t have to spend ten minutes applying sunscreen to my brood every time we go outside.

7) Charlie is getting wildly excited about returning to preschool and I am equally pleased about the prospect of three afternoons per week when the house is quiet and the baby is napping.

8) Football season is practically upon us, which suddenly means something this year as I have a son who is enamored with playing, watching, and attending football games.

9) I am waxing proud of the fact that we have essentially survived another long and blistering summer. We made it.

10) I am also feeling happy and grateful for the numerous highlights we experienced in the past three months. See number 9, above.

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