Down and Up

Here are a few highlights (and lowlights) from our weekend:

Low: While at Stickers Doctor for our annual FluMist inoculations, preschool-aged son first punched baby, then spit a logie on baby’s head, all before melting into a writhing and steaming pile on the exam table when it was his turn for the nasal spritz.

High: On the bright side, we are now ready for flu season, including me. Thanks Stickers Doctor for inoculating moms too!

High: Watching the Thunder football game was uniquely pleasant, thanks to cool morning temperatures and my cute and energetic passel of Henry’s buddies. They were funny and rowdy and they kept the team spirit alive.

Low: The opposing team wiped the field with us, beginning with the touchdown that they scored five seconds after the game started. Who are these fifth-graders and where do they come from?

High: Perusing the Costco book table at my leisure to kick off our date night. Yes, please.

Low: Broken bones and a broken front tooth. Not us, but our darling nine-year-old neighbor who took a nasty spill on his bike and now has the wounds to prove it.

High: Our family was only mildly to moderately loud and distracting at church today. We might be getting a bit better. Only time will tell. Let’s just NOT ask the other families who sit in the back near us, okay?

High: Jack provided the nursery treats today and happily shared some super yummy NutriGrain bars. He also spent a few minutes, post singing time, cuddling with his kind teacher Liesel. She and the other leaders love Jack. He loves nursery. And I love all of them for being so sweet and giving Jack a place to fit in at church.

High: Bedtime commenced without drama. Weekends tire out our guys and that works for me.

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