Silver Lining

This evening Jeff and I went on one of our mandatory mid-Christmas Break dates, part of an overarching holiday strategy for keeping mom and pop out of any in-patient mental health facilities.

I’d been looking forward to it following the busyness of Christmas Day, the exhausted ennui of December 26th, and the mixed bag that was today.

For dinner we ate tacos before catching a movie which is getting quite a lot of Oscar buzz. I loved it for the performances and the story and all that, but mostly I loved it because everyone in it was crazy.

Truly, characters with varying degrees and types of mental illness populated this film which made crazy seem super normal. It was refreshing. And real. And funny.

It felt relevant to me as my recent days have involved overseeing my eight-year-old son’s vacuuming fetish, which isn’t as domestically fabulous as it sounds at first blush. Just know that our home is filled with din at all times, and that Jack likes to drag the vacuums all over the house while dismantling them and spilling their dirt contents asunder. We spend a great deal of time and energy reassembling parts so we can begin the process of “cleaning” again.

Never mind that we are also doing therapy and playing with new trains from Santa and playing in the snow and watching movies together. Vacuums rule and that is that.

We’ve also spent the past week or so searching for a handful of items which we are now fairly certain were thrown away in the garbage barrels at some point during the month of December. By someone who lives in this house. And who is eight.

Jeff and I have rescued numerous quality items from the trash bins over the past several months when Jack figured out that ****-canning things is good fun.¬†Apparently we somehow missed the day when he threw out the baby’s little ride-on bike. And also the day the Wii bit the dust.

Crap on a stick. Our gaming system took a dirt nap.

Anyhow, I loved the imperfections and the weirdness of the people in our movie pick. They really nailed the wacky happy family, with which I have loads of expertise.

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