Real Blooper Reel

If I could winnow the events of the past few days as though editing video of my family’s life (fortunately for me, no one is actually taping us), I would essentially have a blooper reel.

These things really happened:

* Jack spent the weekend surreptitiously pooping around the house, and then quickly trying to vacuum it up before we could stop him. Curse this tiresome vacuum obsession intersected with potty-defiance!

* When we entered the packed chapel at church on Sunday, which was crowded with lots of visitors in attendance at two baby blessings, Jack saw strangers sitting in our usual row of seats at the back and commenced screaming and sobbing. Quiet chapel. Decent acoustics. Bellowing boy. Got a good mental picture? We set a new record for Jack’s shortest stay in sacrament meeting.

* Upon walking in the door after church with train-wreck-tired baby on my hip and anxious preschooler attached like a barnacle to my leg, preschooler’s feet tripped us both and the three of us (with baby) fell in an graceless heap on the floor by the door. Pencil skirts and pumps don’t help much in such a situation.

* Jack and Charlie spent much of Superbowl Sunday bouncing on the trampoline in the cold backyard. I think they were thumbing their noses at winter. Nobody fell down or crashed into each other, but doesn’t exuberant jumping fit nicely into a blooper reel? I think so too.

* Charlie climbed the bookcase filled with toys in his bedroom in an effort to reach a puzzle near the top. One enormously loud crash later, the good news is Charlie did not suffer a head injury. The bad news: the bookcase is broken. In other unfortunate news: the mom spent a good portion of Monday afternoon cleaning up and reorganizing toys and puzzles from a volcanic heap in the center of the floor.

* As I stood before my completely clean (!) kitchen counter which was void of all clutter save a glass of water, I managed to drop my iPhone. Guess where it landed.

Cue the laugh track and goofy music, Bob Saget.

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