We Are Pirates

Here are a few things I remember about today:

1) Watching my Laurels eat brownie bites topped with raspberry jam and whipped cream at church while engaging in a really good discussion. Feeling such affection and love for those girls.

2) Realizing that when anybody asks me how I am doing, within three sentences we are having a poop conversation.

3) Jeff saying, when I asked him if that grating sound coming from the garage was Jack plugging in the sander, “No, unless it’s his evil twin. Jack is sitting right here on the couch. ” Inwardly expressing how very deeply grateful I am that Jack doesn’t have an evil twin.

4) Jack attending the nursery class today after two months of Sunday meltdowns. Yay for nursery and for his precious teacher, Susan!

5) Watching Jennifer Lawrence win the Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook (yay!) and falling down on the stairs while claiming her award. Hugh Jackman running to her rescue, making it even more charming.

6) Making Boeuf Bourguignon for dinner (yes, really!) and having Jeff say, “Look at you, going all Mrs. Patmore on me.”

7) Eating the Boeuf Bourguignon. Heavenly.

8) Sharing a box of Red Vines on the couch with Jeff after the Oscars ended and the last straggler child was finally in bed.

9) Jeff saying that while he adored the dinner, he would’ve liked to sit and savor it peacefully; but because the boys were being so raucous (oh hi, kid with an infected ear and a constipated baby) he just shoveled it in like a pirate instead. Me laughing, because it is true.

10) Baby grinning while pointing to Jack, and repeatedly saying, “Jack!”

11) My eleven-year-old cuddling up to me placidly on the couch this evening.

12) Happy snatches of conversation with my friends at church.

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