A Little List

A few thoughts, in no particular order:

1) Scout fund raisers where four teens and two of their leaders spend an hour raking the heck out of your leaf & bracken-packed backyard beds are the most brilliant idea ever. Spring yard clean up? Boom. Done. Thank you scouts, and thank you scout leaders!

2) Freezing spring temps are still better than freezing January temps. At least we have sunshine. And new green leaves and grass. Even if I am wearing layers and layers to keep warm. And even if the wind is straight off the tundra.

3) I struggled to sleep last night thinking of the people gravely wounded in Boston. They went to see the Marathon and now they’re missing limbs. And family members. The world can be so very sad and so very hard.

4) When the weather is freezing cold and snowy/rainy, my productivity is in the tank. I want my sweatpants and my down comforter and my ebook. Naptime, my children:  embrace it! Let’s all leave mommy to bask in the afternoon silence.

5) Babies make the world feel new. In my neighborhood this spring, babies Max and Afton and Hazel and Savannah and Emma have arrived with hope and sweetness.

6) When Jack is free from otitis media, he is a pleasure to be with. As of yesterday, his ears are clear of their latest infection and his disposition is once again rosy. He bounded off the bus today and immediately began vacuuming beneath the cushions of the couch. Then he vacuumed beneath the couch and the tv armoire, and in and around the crumby high chair, twice. Good work, Jacky. Let’s keep those ears healthy.

7) Toddlers are funny when they toddle with their arms out, zombie-like, and smile and babble. Now that he is bipedal, should we stop calling him “Baby”? We sure can’t seem to stop ourselves from applauding him when he walks all over the house.

8) SpongeBob SquarePants is funny and Plankton is hilarious. We see enough of it around here that we ought to know, see. Mrs. Puff cracks me up, too.

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  1. April 21, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    I’m thinking that I might need to hire Jack to come vacuum my house. It could use a deep-vacuum treatment of sorts. I’m not kidding either…how much would he charge? Could I pay him with Doritos?

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