Four Floors And A Funeral

This week, my boys have been on spring break, which was supposed to feature a camping trip to the southern part of the state, but which instead involved a trip to Idaho for Great-Grandpa’s funeral. We also did a crazy amount of dragging (old poopy carpet outside, en route to it’s Dumpster destination), measuring (planks of new flooring installed by the hubs), moving (furniture and children away from the construction zones), and admiring (the new floors that are deliciously poo-stain-free and a marked improvement).

While we didn’t get to take the guys camping, we did get to a) visit some grandma’s, b) enjoy a few springtime walks to the park, c) stay up late and sleep late (yay!), d) relish watching LDS General Conference (my favorite semi-annual weekend!), and e) swim at the rec center.

Here is a rundown of today’s swimming outing:

1) Jack was a champion pool guest: climbing the stairs to the waterslide approximately 2000 times, waiting politely for his turn (miracle! years in the making!), clapping for himself each time he swooshed out the bottom of the slide, and dancing beneath the various water features in the splash pool.

2) Charlie was brave and tried out the smaller alligator slide. Each time, he climbed up, sat down at the top, and called out, “Three…two…one…Go! Go! Go!” before jetting down.

3) I decided that community pools include a delightful mishmash of body types and fitness levels, and that nobody really cares how anybody else looks in their bathing suits. Not much gawking, plenty of water fun–as it should be.

4) Jack got mad on the drive home and poured a bottle of water over Charlie’s head and down his back. Charlie shrieked and cried. Henry shouted at Jack. I wondered if water must now be added to the list of Things Jack Is Banned From Having While Riding In The Car.

In other news, my husband did all the grocery shopping, which is true love manifest in it’s purest form. I also thoroughly enjoyed the first day of Conference, but particularly the words of Quentin L Cook, who spoke about finding personal peace in this imperfect world.

General Conference continues tomorrow and I certainly don’t mind a Sunday where we can stay in our jammies and listen to beautiful messages of the Savior.

Spring break: that’s a wrap.

  2 comments for “Four Floors And A Funeral

  1. LC
    April 8, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Oh I love your wraps! And you nailed it with your description of the community pool!

  2. April 9, 2013 at 2:39 am

    General Conference is my favorite Sunday too we break out a bunch of candy for bribery and to keep the kids mouths full so we can listen. You are brave to take the kids out to the pool- I have only done it twice I think, I’m glad it went so well. It is a memory you will want to remember on a bad day…and remember water dries a lot better then soda

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