Future Me

There is a scene in the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness where ***SPOILER ALERT***this happens:

Spock speaks to an older version of himself, coolly played by Leonard Nimoy (obviously). I’m not Trekkie enough to explain how people can speak to themselves forty years in the future while still living, youthful and in the present, but it fascinated me.
Sign me up. I want to go to there.
I get that this is sci-fi. I know it isn’t real. But I really wouldn’t mind talking to myself thirty or forty years hence. 
I’d like to ask myself the following questions:
1. Do Child #2 and Child #3 ever fully potty train? And if so, is it very many light years from now?
2. What are the older years like? Are they any less strenuous? And will I make it there without suffering a complete mental breakdown of the mothership?
That’s pretty much all I want to know. 
Plus, I wouldn’t mind seeing what my elderly self looks like. Would it be shocking, or would I think myself a lovely sight, thick and saggy and wrinkled?
In the movie, Old Spock gives young Spock a few curt answers to questions about how he handles a person who is causing a life-threatening situation to everyone aboard the Enterprise. His words are just enough to give young Spock the courage to carry on.
I mean seriously, how great would that be—hearing from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, about how your own life plays out? 
I’ll just float this little notion in the stratosphere, just in case:  If Old Me somehow manages to bend the space/time continuum and shows up in the flesh, I’m ready with my questions and my willingness to suspend disbelief.

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