Ten Things That Are True

I don’t have enough free time or brain cells to construct a cohesive, essay-like post. Summer has come and is squatting here for the foreseeable future. But here is a random list of things people said, or did, or that are happening.

1) We all caught colds. Or the same cold, rather. Kids shouldn’t be allowed to get sick in the summer, nor should the ones who spend their days taking care of them.

2) Because of the sinus stuffiness, Charlie told me his nose is full of hamboogers.

3) Henry quipped a funny, off-the-cuff remark to his friend wherein he compared the baby’s glance to Medusa’s. When I asked him how he knew about Medusa, he said, “Duh Mom. I’ve known about Greek mythology since like second grade.”

4) Jack smashed together two tubs of yellow and red playdoh, which he then chewed up and spit out in various corners of the backyard. According to his behaviorist, kids like eating playdoh because it tastes salty. And it comes in bright, pretty colors. Whatever, Jack. Now there are red and yellow doh-blobs all around the lawn. Guess he favors the salty snacks.

5) Henry and a posse of neighborhood boys are spending their afternoons playing The Hunger Games in the pocket park. When I asked how this game works, he said, “It’s like the movie.” Except they don’t have weapons and they all come home alive after playing, which I’m down with.

6) Books are my summertime lifeline. My recent reads are eclectic and all meet this requirement: suck me in. Also don’t ask too much of my brain.

7) Jeff deserves a major award for sitting next to Jack during every sacrament meeting. I discovered this when I sat next to Jack instead on Sunday and learned through experience that Jack likes to pull the arm hairs of the person sitting next to him. Repeatedly. For quite some time. It’s an intriguing sensory experience, don’t you know.

8) Some days are just crap-tastic. I mean literally, they just are. And the three younger boys seem to be in cahoots about when these days will happen and when they will let the poo fly.

9) Eating my mom’s homemade taquitos with cilantro bean & corn salsa on top on a Sunday evening al fresco: pretty much perfection. Especially when followed with homemade Skor ice cream.

10) Summer can be really good, and peaceful, and pleasant.. Except when it is really bad, and hard, and endless.

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