Space Cadet

We’ve entered the last three weeks of summer vacation. People everywhere are mourning summer’s looming demise, while I am hoping to simply get through it.

We are going a tad crazy. Also, we have entered survival mode.

Here are some clues:

A) On our way home from a family dinner tonight, the special-needs crew both removed their pants and gave the seats and the floor a good soaking. Our (not-new) car is so new that we don’t even have real license plates yet. But it surely has been initiated.

B) Jeff and I got away for a real date earlier this week. I noticed as we got to the movie that I was still wearing my clod hopper, beat up orange sneakers. With a red skirt and a blue stripey shirt. The whole ensemble screamed “Space Cadet.” On the bright side, the hubs pointed out that my ugly orange comfort shoes matched my orange phone case.

C) Jack is stuck on his “shred” cycle. The AC vents rustle eerily round the clock with their contents of paper shards and ripped up photographs stuffed inside. Boxes and bags of chips, crackers, and cereal are disemboweled, simply for the crinkliness of their packaging. Anything that can be broken into bits and sprinkled in the dogwoods flanking the front path, will be.

D) My subconscious goes walkabout. I daydream about how to organize my days when school resumes, and then I chastise myself for thinking about it because it is too too soon. Stay alive! Keep your eye on the prize, sister! Think about summer and your pee-pee car and your shredded house, not the beauty of an autumn day when structure reigns and there is space for a deep breath.

E) Also, think more about your footwear.

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