The Post Where I Pose a Question

Does the Internet ever annoy you?

Because it sometimes annoys me.

Clearly, I am enamored with the the Internet on many levels. I love the accessibility, the convenience, the endless possibilities for research and sharing and shopping and blogging. But sometimes it just seems too…….


Don’t you think?

I will acknowledge that my annoyance with the net probably says more about me than it does the web. I’m using it poorly, or too much.

Recently I’ve found myself looking at my tablet and saying aloud, “I hate the Internet,” and yearning to read an actual paperback. Or make a list on a real notepad with one of my purple pens. Or sing Old MacDonald with my toddler while admiring his bouffant red curls, without once snapping his picture to put on Insta.

Haven’t we all gone through a phase where we detest Facebook?

Yet I seriously don’t want it to go away. I like it all too much. I need my daily dose.

So I sincerely ask, how do you handle the omnipresence of information all the time?

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