Things I Just Don’t Do

We took a trip to see Stickers Doctor recently because Jack was knocking his head against the wall and also hitting the baby. This is Jackspeak for “I’m sick.”

It wasn’t the ears this time, or strep, although we tested for it. We always test for it, because holding Jack as Holly the nurse gags him while she swabs his throat is an unparalleled joy.

It was an ambiguous virus making Jack crabby. We left with stickers.

Jack doesn’t verbalize how he feels, but he is pretty transparent with his emotions. During his swimming lesson this week, when his teacher asked him to to kick while floating, Jack BELLOWED in a big, dramatic way. It was a theatrical version of “no.”

I, on the other hand, am totally verbal. I speak all the time. (Really? said my husband in his best mock horror voice). But like Jack, I too have my things I just don’t do. For those visual learners, let’s list them.

Things I Just Don’t Do:

1) Make my bed on a daily basis. Used to happen regularly; not anymore. Totally. Don’t. Care.

2) Give up desserts in the name of healthier living. Nope. I choose happiness.

3) Dust the house much. Polished furniture is for photo shoots of homes featured in fancy blogs. Isn’t it lovely to have a house that isn’t featured in a blog and doesn’t need to be perfectly polished all the time? I think so too.

4) Worry about how people perceive me and mine. This one excites me. It’s been an ongoing¬†endeavor with my not-so-ordinary children—a journey which makes me feel a) grown up and b) like a boss.

5) Read multiple books concurrently. My brain doesn’t work that way. I not smart enough.

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