Holiday Planning Notebook

I’m dying to put up my Christmas tree. I can’t do it yet because it’s a fresh tree and it has yet to be cut and tied to the top of our car for special delivery at home. But I did fire up the Pandora holiday hits and had a little dance party in the kitchen to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You.” Strangely, this is a holiday classic since it’s been around since like 1992.

Okay, so it’s 1994. I just looked it up. But it’s been around long enough that Michael Buble has covered it. Successfully. Jack liked my dancing. He laughed the whole time. Baby stared at me with mild interest. Charlie said, “Stop dancing.”

Anyway, I can’t put up my tree for another week, but I can start wrapping the few gifts I’ve picked up. And I can listen to Christmas music nonstop.

The really terrific holiday news, however, is that we have made definitive Thanksgiving plans. At last! We are doing something this year which may not please all the folks, but it will keep us sane. We are staying home and cooking our own dinner.

This is one of those special-needs-driven moments in holiday planning. Our special need for Thanksgiving is to eat it casually, at home, with the illusion for a couple of boys that it’s just a regular day. With turkey and pie and football in the background.

The boys really struggle with big groups of people, even when they are relatives. The more we do holidays in a Jack-proof house, the better. I feel pretty elated about this decision. It’s the only alternative that offers any possibility of quiet, restful moments for the mom and the dad.

We’ve also decided that we are preordering pies from Kneaders, so pat me on the back for being a total genius.

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