Christmas List

So the spirit of Christmas returned to my heart, mostly because of one cello/piano duet of O Come, O Come Emmanuel during Sunday’s Christmas program. And because of MoTab’s rendition of I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. 

Thank you Carl, Jennifer, and MoTab for infusing the world with songs of beauty and meaning!

Also, thank you neighbors and friends for dropping by with merry wishes and tasty goodies! It’s a joyful time of year, and the dear ones all around me bringing treats make it even more so.

Here are some more joyful things:

A) Somebody’s chicken pox spots finally scabbed over and started looking less like bubonic plague and more like they might actually heal and that somebody’s skin may actually return to it’s milky state.

B) Dutch, for being off work for nine lovely consecutive days.

C) Baby, when Dutch retrieved his toddler basketball hoop that somebody threw off the deck into the snowy backyard.

D) Cleaning a bunch of bathrooms today. This is not an inherently joyful activity, but the feeling I achieved upon completion is.

E) Books in wintertime. Books all the time, anytime, and in any season actually, but particularly in this season of inversion, darkness, and freezing temps.

F) My epiphany that I’ve reached an age or a state of mind (not sure which) wherein I no longer care what I get for Christmas. Not a whit. All I want is peace and harmony among me and mine. And some peppermint chocolate cake on Christmas Day.

G) Memes involving Buddy the Elf.

H) The pack of children at the neighborhood breakfast with Santa, who followed the big man around in a pack, ablaze with smiles.

I) Powdered mountains in every direction.

J) When two-year-olds sing along with the radio to Jingle Bell Rock.

K) Stories like this one, about memorable Christmases in simpler times.

L) Being grateful in the midst of the season.

M) My fridge doors, which are currently plastered with the faces of people I love.

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