Best quote I encountered this week: “Boredom is what happens to people who have no control over their minds.”  (Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead)

Most satisfying recent conversation: Explaining to our bishop about Jack’s disastrous church behavior and having him just get it.

Tastiest part of Valentine’s Day: Vast quantities of Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter hearts, unequivocally.

Unintentionally funniest kid quote: Truman, looking at my shadow the lamp was casting on the ceiling, “It’s a giant, Mommy.”

Most extravagant feeling: Beginning a new book. In hard cover. Not on a tablet.

Best way to feel like you’re trying on swimsuits in front of an audience: Participate in a memoir-writing workshop and read your crappy first-drafts aloud to a bunch of strangers.

Quickest way to feel like an aged mother in a time warp: Watch your sixth-grader participate in his first school dance, doing the foxtrot and the merengue while looking dapper in his suit.

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