"It Folds Up Into a Spear"

Jack’s bedroom has become a wasteland. It’s the tundra of our home, at the top of the house, with nothing there except a mattress. And the Jack Cam taking it all in.

There is no bed in his room because Jack has taken to using his bed frame as a battering ram. When he gets mad, he slams it into the walls. So currently, he simply has a mattress on the floor.

I suggested to Dutch that we get a Hollywood frame for the mattress and forget about fancy headboards and such.

Me: “Let’s keep it simple and just get a Hollywood frame.”

Dutch: “When you take the mattress off a Hollywood frame, it folds up into a spear. Jack will put it through the window.”

Me: “Let’s just leave the mattress on the floor.”

And so, Jack’s mattress remains on the floor, except when he decides to stand it up against the wall for kicks when he is having a time out in his room.

His bed frame sits in the upstairs hallway, leaning up against the linen closets whose doors Jack broke, and whose contents are now exposed to the world.

It’s a wee bit of ghetto in the tundra.

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