Jack Speaks

Last week Jack’s daily note from Ms. Sue described the following situation from school during which Jack uttered a complete sentence:

During Smartboard time, Jack said, “Kayla?” (the name of one of the classroom aides)
Kayla said, “What?” 
Jack replied (clear as day), “I’ll kick you.”
Kayla asked, “Do you need a break?”
Jack responded by picking up his card that says “I need a break” and handing it to Kayla.
Jack and Kayla left the classroom for a short walk and Jack did not kick anyone.

Mind. Blown.

I am utterly blown away. That he spoke a three-word sentence. That he thought about a need and communicated it before throwing feet and books. That he refrained from tantrumming. That words trumped acting out. That he tried. That it worked.

I’m rosy and glowing with pride.

It’s one of these victories that seems very small to those unfamiliar with Jack, and yet reveals a staggering degree of growth and progress of our nine-year-old redhead.

Jacky did it. He said those words he had in his head. He articulated so we could understand them. He spoke.

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