Whineypants Snaps Out of It

When I walked downstairs this morning, I spied a pearly sky with wispy layers of pink clouds hovering above Mount Timpanogos. It was an auspicious start to a Tuesday that bloomed with blue skies (at least for a few hours) and temps in the low 40’s.

That was the first lovely thing.
The second lovely thing was a link that appeared in my fb news feed after I completed (and should’ve medaled in) the intense event of Getting Everyone on Their Busses. 
While not technically a competition, I am racing against the clock when I do this. I’m also trying to jump start Charlie, who is as slow as molasses in January, first thing in the morning.

Today though I mostly battled Jack, who decided to whack Charlie on the head with a broom and then remove his clothes and shoes, minutes before the bus arrived. Dude. Srsly tho.

But the second lovely thing–the link–appeared just as the guys got on their respective busses. It was a mother’s eulogy for her eleven-year-old son with special needs and it snapped me out of the state of weary sadness that has descended over me. 
The entire thing was beautiful because it revealed the source of this woman’s strength and the well from which her hope springs. 
And I drew from it. 

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