Charles in Charge

Why is Charlie grumpy?

Because he is six instead of ten. Because there is no letter K anywhere in his name, and K is his favorite letter. Because he doesn’t want brown hair. He wants blue hair.

Why is Charlie scowling?

Because his birthday is in March, but he wants it to be in August. Because Halloween isn’t happening again until October, and Christmas and Valentine’s Day only come once a year. Lame!

Why is Charlie moaning under a blanket on the couch?

Because he wants to go back to preschool; he’s tired of kindergarten. Because he has only one long-sleeved superman t-shirt, and it’s dirty. Also because mom won’t let him play Xbox all day long and into the night.

Why is Charlie smiling?

Because he has a new bed in his big brother’s room downstairs, which is way cooler than sleeping alone, upstairs, by mom and dad’s room.

Why is Charlie jumping?

Brownies for breakfast, duh.

Why is Charlie excited?

Because swimming lessons!

Why is Charlie shouting for joy?

Because his backpack is sagging with frozen GoGurts to share with his class.

Who is he?

Charles Peter. Chachi. The Chach. Chachismo. Sir Charles. Charlie Pickles.

Why are our days sunny?

Because Charlie.

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