Divergent: My Unsolicited Review

mr-pamukA few points I’m mulling since seeing the movie Divergent, with Dutch on his birthday (spoiler alert):

1. The male lead, called Four in the film, is Poor Mr. Pamuk of Downtown Abbey fame (from season one—just ask Lady Mary about him, mmm hmm). Mr. Pamuk is baa-ack and looking finer than ever. Theo James is his name and he is more tan, bad A, and likeable as Four than he was as the Turkish playboy Mr. Pamuk. Do you agree?

2. I am growing weary of dystopian worlds in books and movies, and yet I still consume them. *Sigh*.

3. Weirdly, I liked this new take on the wildly popular genre. On a related note, I will definitely be seeing The Giver when the movie comes out later this year. Lois Lowry, people. She did dystopian brilliance before it was cool. Also Meryl is in it. And Jeff Bridges. So yes, I’m going.

4. I am old. When everyone in the movies is roughly the same age as the girls you recently taught as a young women leader at church, you realize this. Also, when you are roughly the same age as Kate Winslet, who plays the evil “older woman” sticking her fingers in everyone’s business, your agedness is confirmed to you.

5. Back to the Kate Winslet character. As she explained her wicked plan to control everyone so that there would be no choice and no individuality, and everything would be perfect, I whispered to Dutch, “She’s Satan.” Not a judgement call on my part, simply a war-in-heaven reference any Mormon primary-aged child could explain.

6. People in movies have perfect hair. Shailene Woodley is running and jumping and fighting and getting the crap kicked out of her, and through it all, her hair looks luscious and round-brushed and voluminous.

7. I couldn’t decide which faction I would want to join if I were Beatrice Prior. It’s like you have to choose between hippies, lawyers, brainiacs, parkour aficionados, or social workers. Of course, the protagonist will follow the parkour faction, because it makes for a much cooler movie, (in the Bourne tradition) no?

Also, Key lime pie makes a perfect spring birthday treat. It’s nice to celebrate the hubs.

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