Listing Things

birthday-cupcakeThings Jack put in the boiling pot of potatoes as I was trying to make dinner:
1. A drapery hook.
2. His chewed-up gum.
3. One of Charlie’s homework pages that came apart into a hundred pieces when I tried to fish it out.

Thing I almost missed:
1. Middle School registration for eldest boy, because I was at my other kid’s psychiatrist appointment discussing anti-psychotic meds for aggression instead of being at the assembly where they tell you about the registration date.

Things I look foolish doing, but really find uplifting:
1. Yoga.
2. Singing old commercial jingles from my childhood to my unimpressed twelve-year-old, like “Gra-ay-vy!” from a long-ago dog food ad.

Things Charlie wants for his birthday:
1. To “put dogs in our house.”
2. Toy guns.
3. A big “motorcyler.”
4. Lucky Charms cereal.
5. White cake.
6. Party hats.
7. Candles for blowing out.

Things I want for my birthday:
1. A massage.
2. Peaceful children.
3. A cupcake.

Things I stress-eat:
1. Dark chocolate coconut almonds.
2. Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
3. Cinnamon bears.
4. Frosted Flakes.
5. Doughnuts.

Things Truman shoots through his basketball hoop:
1. Mini basketballs.
2. Mini beach balls.
3. Mini soccer balls.
4. Footballs.
5. Golf balls.
6. Jacky’s underpants.

Things that scare me:
1. Summer “vacation.”
2. Horror movies.
3. Heights.

Things that scare Truman:
1. Vacuums.
2. Missing out on car rides.

Things that Jack loves:
1. Vacuums.
2. Mixers.
3. Blenders.
4. Power drills.
5. Hairdryers.
6. Reese’s peanut butter cups.

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