Surprise Baby

I read an article this week about an Indiana woman who went to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and left a few hours later with a newborn baby.

Mrs, Batchelor (the article never gave her first name) didn’t know she was pregnant. This mother of two thought she had gall stones when really she had a full-term baby in her womb.

I’ve heard these stories before about women who didn’t know they were pregnant suddenly giving birth to everyone’s surprise, including their own.

I’ve always thought these people were daft.

Having been pregnant several times myself, I do not know how they could not wonder sometime during the FORTY week experience, why they felt so nauseous, so tired, and so uncomfortable. More importantly, did they never wonder just exactly what was kicking the inside walls of their uterus? What did they attribute all that moving around inside to?

My firstborn son has always been a mover, including before he was born. There were times when I swore he was trying to pummel his way out of my belly, Alien-style with rapid-fire punches. If I hadn’t known I was pregnant when this was going down, I think the boxing in my womb would have tipped me off.

The best part of the news story: the Indiana woman said of the months before her surprise delivery, “I had weight gain but it was my normal winter-time weight gain.”

This sort of made me want to pat this lady on the back and congratulate her for not getting too bent out of shape about a few extra winter pounds. While everybody else is setting New Years’ Resolutions about healthy eating and weight loss, Mrs. Batchelor of Indiana is like, “Yeah, it’s winter. I’m eating desserts and getting through it.”

I kind of like that attitude. Even if I still think she should have connected the dots sooner than she did.

Winter is fading. This is the good news.

We do whatever it takes to get through it. Some people make it through with a surprise baby.

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