Slice of Autism Life

jesus-christ-0107This morning I emerged out of my NyQuil haze and some deeply weird dreams to begin the morning routine under the influence. I don’t know why things like OTC cough medicine turn me into such a quiet (non-menacing) zombie, but they do.

I pounded a Coke at 7:00 AM in hopes it would be the perk I needed to shake me from my sleepy reverie. It helped a little. That and moving around in repetitive paths between the stove, fridge, kitchen island, and laundry room two hundred times while getting the guys ready for school.

I managed to step on the same stray graham cracker every single time I rounded the corner into the back hallway. At first it felt like failure. Subsequent times it just felt sort of familiar.

While packing lunches, dosing meds, and coaxing people to put their clothes on, I coughed. My cold is on it’s way out, which means my cough sounds like that of a chain-smoking lumberjack with a bunch of pine needles stuck in his lungs.

It’s not dainty.

I guess neither am I. I’m tall, not petite. Opinionated, not demure. I definitely don’t have a tiny little dainty shoe size. I’m okay with this.

What am I not sure I’m okay with? Our Family Night attempts. This week it went like this:

During the song (always I Am a Child of God, no matter what, for years and years, because it’s pretty much all we can handle), everyone sang except baby, including Jack, who repeated the word ‘God’ a couple dozen times throughout the song. Gold star for Jacky!

While showing the guys a painting of Jesus Christ I found on my phone, I reminded the boys, “Jesus loves you.” Charlie said, “Santa loves you,” which is sort of true. Okay fine, Chach, but Jesus reallyloves you.

Our discussion of the Savior continued like this:

Me: “Charlie, what did Jesus do when he came to Earth?”

Charlie: “What’s ‘Earth’?”

Me: “It’s the planet where we live.”

Charlie: “What’s ‘live’?”

Me: *sigh*

Jeff: “Charlie, what did Jesus teach people?”

Charlie: “What’s ‘teach?'”

Jeff: “Okay, good family night guys. Time for jammies.”

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