The Barber-Surgeon of This House, and Other Tales


Spring Break is currently happening for my boys, and for me by association. Here’s the round-up:

1. I went to a Writer’s Retreat in a cabin in a canyon (like my darling Clementine, except I didn’t drown with my ruby lips above the water/blowing bubbles soft and fine) one Day One. This sort of thing is a little bit of pure joy for me. It was glorious.

2. Spring sprang and everybody got a little bit sunburned. We forgot that we can now hang out in the sunny outdoors, burning our fair, freckled skin in the delicious, warm sun.

3. I took the boys to the park. The really cool park with the really cool pyramid climbing structure and the basketball standards that are lower than standard height, so dudes like Henry can dunk the ball. We lasted an entire hour, which breaks all family records of attempts to play at parks like normal people, doing normal things, for normal amounts of time. Yay us!

4. We learned Charlie is an exceptional climber. Like honestly, a naturally gifted little climbing monkey. I’ve always intrinsically known this. But watching him scale with laser focus climbing walls and the rope web within the hulking high pyramid really hit it home. I now have new anxiety about Charlie getting really into rock climbing in his young adult years and falling to his death. I’m good at switching into Anxiety Girl mode, lickety-split.

5. While I was cleaning up an outside Code Brown (apologies to my neighbors) in the backyard, Jack had a hose-water-running-into-our-foundation-spurred tantrum and reminded me that Spring Break is too long.

6. My toenails are now painted a sky blue. I like gazing at them.

7. Henry fulfilled the role of barber-surgeon to Charlie, who lost his first tooth. As big brother, he twisted and pulled that tiny wobbly tooth until it succumbed on the kitchen counter. Brothers are cool.

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