Deep Thoughts

A) I ate coconut curry and teriyaki steak with Dutch before seeing a most excellent British period film called Belle. The hubs is rad for taking me to see my movie choice instead of X-Men, his movie choice. Also, Tom Wilkinson’s character was rad. Also, I cried during the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, which looks true to the book and thus perfectly, painfully beautiful.

B) Charlie walked into the kitchen yesterday and said, “I love you Mom.” I stood there frozen, with dewy eyes and clasped hands, when he finished with, “And I love Santa.” Me too, Chachie!

C) I saw my writing group yesterday. I love them. So, so much. I’ve got writing group high.

D) Jack said, “Cupcake!” while pointing to a plate of star-spangled cupcakes. The speaking and the pointing made me happy. The cupcake-eating made Jack happy. Decorating the cupcakes during therapy made The Chach happy.

E) Project Be is humming along nicely. Living in the moment is sort of like running around in bare feet and underpants as a little child. It’s working for me.


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