Project Be

I’m starting a new project. It isn’t a health challenge and I’m not refinishing any furniture. If you just said to yourself, “Boring!” feel free to stop reading at this point. I give you my blessing to go blend yourself a nice green smoothie. Or distress a robin’s-egg blue dresser. Enjoy.

This project is something I need to do.

I decided this while sitting in a chair on my lawn watching my two-year-old fill his plastic watering can with the hose and dump it into his green turtle pool. Between filling and dumping sessions, he climbed a purple ladder and slid down the kiddie slide into the pool. Sometimes he paused to drink from the hose. All this transpired while he narrated these activities to me in his little voice.

Truman demonstrated Project Be (as I’m calling it), which is to be in the present more.

My plan is to notice the cool grass between my toes and the breeze rustling through the cottonwood leaves.

My goal is to stop analyzing the issues we are facing and instead listen to the sounds of Henry shooting hoops in the driveway and Truman shooting toddler hoops on the deck.

My purpose is mindfulness. I’d like to be fully present, finding satisfaction in right now and avoid spinning off into worries about the future.

I intend to just be.

*Deep breath and cleansing sigh.*


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  1. May 22, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Somehow, you must have known that I needed to hear this today. Today has been, well, thick. And I needed the reminder to stop, take a breath, and just see what I see, smell what I smell, hear what I hear.

    Also, I totally laughed at the comment about distressing a robin’s-egg blue dresser. Yes!

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