The ’80’s called. They Want Their Denim Back

There seems to be a magical age for women when we suddenly stop buying into every fashion trend that rolls down the pike. We can still be fashionable. On trend. Sort-of stylish even. But perhaps not always fashion-forward necessarily.

I have apparently hit this auspicious age. The reason I know this: I refuse to wear acid-washed jeans.

High-waisted acid-washed jeans to boot. Those color-leached pants that go up to your ribcage are anachronistic. They’re time-traveling pants from the 1980’s, which is perfectly fine, people.

Absolutely perfectly fine! Unless you were in elementary school in the ’80’s. And you wore high-waisted acid-washed jeans with your permed hair and your oversized shirt and your look of complete bewilderment to Crestview Elementary every day.

In which case, you just can’t go there. It’s taking a fashion step backward. You may call it retro or vintage or whatever. Etsy can peddle it to the red-lipped hipster crowd all it wants.

But to me, it conjures images of safety patrol. And stirrup pants with big belts over giant tops. And riding my yellow banana-seat bike up and down Clover Lane 46 times a day. So, no.

I’m a grown woman who has already done this trend and seriously cannot feign interest in it again.

Sorry guys.

Is there a trend you refuse to accept? Am I totally off the mark about aging out of certain trends?


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