Daily Snapshot

Things I did today:

1. Dropped off Jack at camp in my pajamas with third-day hair and mossy teeth.

2. Finished a vampire/witch book. It was meh. Are we done with vampire/witch books? I think yes,

3. Wrote half of an article that’s been percolating for weeks while popping dark chocolate blueberry Acai gems like it was my job.

4. Moved a bunch of laundry, which basically is my job.

5. Watched Truman stand on the shaded lawn and fill the turtle pool with the hose, which was pointed at a soccer ball floating on the water. It spun and spun seamlessly on the glistening surface.

6. Made PBJ’s, which are actually just PB’s at my house because a bunch of my peeps eschew jam.

7. Was secretly pleased when thinking about the leftover chicken, rice, and salad in the fridge. I actually cooked yesterday, huzzah. And made enough for another night or two, hurrah.

8. Picked up Jack from camp.

9. Picked up my car from the shop.

10. Wondered if the AC was having issues since I. Could. Not. Cool. Down. Realized it was like 108 degrees outside with melting asphalt and such. Also realized I could be experiencing early-onset hot flashes. Yay.

11. Dosed meds.

12. Took a cool bath with my two-year-old.

13. Retrieved the contents of our garage from the island in the cul-de-sac where Charlie relocated all of the camp chairs, sleeping bags, coolers, foam sleeping pads, and bikes.

14. Locked up the contents of our garage in the storage room because Charlie.

15. Had an intense urge to purge the entire garage.

16. Had an intense urge to send Charlie to summertime boarding school.

17. Had an intense urge to put on my Tevas and walk over the mountain across the street from my house and not come back for quite some time.

18. Looked up at the sky at twilight and felt the weariness ebb just the tiniest bit. The sky was pearly and a bunch of clouds shaped like pink lips hovered over my house in a midsummer kiss.

19. Blogged.

20. Ruminated while sitting in this chair.


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