Great Mercy

Dutch and I are closely following the adventures of our friends Layne and Jana Flake on their LDS mission in Kenya. The pictures and stories on their blog are an exercise in perspective for me.

The people of rural Kenya are desperately poor. They have so little, and yet Jana wrote that they consistently say how blessed they are to know they are God’s children and that He has brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

The Flakes spend much of their time helping at an orphanage and school called Great Mercy. All of the cooking for the children at Great Mercy is done in two pits inside a mud hut, which fills with smoke from the fires. My family is working with Layne and Jana to raise $600.00 to improve the kitchen conditions. They recently added a sink with clean running water. Next, the plans include building a counter and improving the kitchen’s ventilation.

The images of the orphanage in this slide show are more powerful than my description. It is rewarding for me to be involved in helping these little orphaned children. If you would like to contribute to our fundraising effort, I would be most grateful, as would the Flakes.

One hundred percent of any donations goes directly to improvements for the school and orphanage. The Flakes daughter, JaLayne Grow, has a dedicated PayPal account for this purpose. You can find it by logging onto your PayPal account, selecting “Send Money,” and then typing into the address section and selecting “payment to friends or family.”

If you prefer to send a check, make it out to Jana Flake and it will be deposited into their account. Checks can be mailed to:
JaLayne Grow
9495 Pinehurst Drive
Roseville‎ CA‎ 95747
United States

or local friends who wish to contribute can contact me and I’ll pick it up from you and send it off.

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