Realistic Christmas Wishes

I looked at Christmas cards online today. Because it’s only mid-September. But we had family pictures taken this week so I’m trying to be on top of something.

The thought of the holidays makes me want to put on sweatpants and take a nap.

And then wake up and eat cookies.

Anyway, I perused Christmas cards which all read, “Peace and Joy!” or “Merry and Bright!” or “Always Joyful!” which frankly all seem just a leetle beet unrealistic. Even generally happy people aren’t always joyful, right?

I’ve never considered myself a Scrooge, but page after page of cards commanding me to “Be Merry!” made me sigh.

Am I the anomaly for feeling like the pressure to be happy! is sometimes too much? Christmas is great, but we don’t need to set the happiness standard so high that normal, struggling people can’t reach it.

There were more pun-ridden brightly cheerful holiday cards devoted to dog-loving families than there were basic, simple, (dare I say neutral) cards. Maybe basic, simple, neutral types shy away from sending greeting cards. Perhaps they retreat into a state of reserved simplicity, rejecting overt demands at joyfulness. I’m not really sure.

I feel that my family could use a Christmas card with a different sort of caption. Something like, “The Holidays: When our son decides to throw two steaming cups of hot chocolate into the front of the car, coating the van interior in Christmas cheer.”

It’s true, not trite.

More importantly, it doesn’t order anyone to start feeling joyful. Nor does it assume that family togetherness at Christmastime equals peace. We have love at home around here. Peace, however, mostly eludes us.

Another option for the Christmas card caption, “We’re pretty sure our neighbors are tired of being merry and bright about all the vacuums that are tossed from our side of the fence into their yards.”

Or “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. when Jack throws down the Christmas tree as an act of rebellion when the home teachers show up.”


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