I’m Over It

I am officially over it.

Not everything, just some things. It’s good to know it and say it.

*First, purses and high heels.*

No thanks.

Currently I carry a backpack. This fact makes me want to toss my hair and laugh maniacally. HAHAHAHAHA! Take that, Kate Spade! I’m like a student again. An old mom student with my grey knapsack containing a wallet, phone, keys, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, spectacles, and lots and lots of gum to assuage the wildebeests when we have to wait in line for something.

Also, flats. You are my friend. I’m taller than most dudes when I wear heels, so why?

*Second, I’m over being embarrassed by my boys’ behavior.*

Today Jack freaked out when I tried to put a jacket on him as he walked out the door for school. To give me the what for, he picked up the last remaining pumpkin on the porch—the really bumpy, warty one—and threw it down the steps. The stem broke off, the pumpkin rolled through the dead marigolds in the front yard, and continued rolling into the street and down the hill. I’m not sure how far it traveled in the gutter. Jack’s bus driver and aide and all the kids on the bus watched this happen and I totally couldn’t care less.

Just another Tuesday morning at our house. Watch out for squash, my friends, they sometimes get launched.

*Third, I’m done with the social stigma of mental health issues.*

Mental illness is a real thing you guys, like diabetes and heart disease. It’s not a sign of weakness. It can’t always be treated with diet, exercise, essential oils, and a positive attitude. It usually takes prescription meds, therapy, and a whole lot of support from loved ones.

And even then, it doesn’t go away. This is not for lack of trying. It (hopefully) just gets to point where it can be managed, lived with, handled to some extent. I’m totally over any other approach than this to mental health problems.

It’s just life. And it’s a good adventure.

*And finally, I’ve bid adieu to holiday stress.*

Sorry, but no. I refuse to be stressed about the most wonderful time of the year.

The thing about Thanksgiving and Christmas with special needs children is this: you have to figure out what works for you and do that.

I did away with neighbor gifts and teacher gifts and the friend gifts and the grown-up sibling gifts years ago. Now we stick with Christmas cards. The end.

Life is better when you say sayonara to some things.

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