It’s Cold Outside

Jack won’t wear a jacket.

He doesn’t want to wear shoes. Or socks. Or underwear. He likes to wear basketball shorts, no undies, with a tee shirt and sandals. And it’s November now. Today the high was forty degrees.

When Jessie came tonight to take him on an outing, we got him in his new Velcro sneakers, hard to find in giant hobbit feet sizes, but I did it. We also insisted on long pants, underwear, and a sweatshirt. He took all of it off. While Jessie grabbed her keys, I put all of it back on him and she whisked him out the door. He shed the sweatshirt as soon as he got in the car, apparently, but kept the rest on.

This morning when the bus arrived, he flung the door open and ran outside barefoot. Joie, the bus driver, is used to it. I roll my eyes and hand her his shoes and his backpack. Jack’s shoes spend more time being carried around by adults than on his feet.

You guys, I need ideas for keeping Jack warm this winter.

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