Just Enough

This week we did four doctor’s appointments, an ER visit, and a hospital stay. We did an adjustment on Jack’s anti-psychotic drug and Charlie’s anxiety med. Jack launched and then dismantled the fake Christmas tree, after trying to suck off the ornaments with the shop vac. So I cleaned it up and put it away, throwing away all the broken bits. I cried a little.

When I thought about impending Thanksgiving, I cried a lot. I pictured all the dysfunctional things that could and likely would happen on our family trip to the cabin. I thought wistfully about that magical time my whole family watched a whole movie together.

On our drive to the cabin Thanksgiving morning, I cranked up my seat heater, snuggled into my coat and pondered a few things:

1. The ER staff and the hospitalist and nurses who treated us so well and restored Charlie’s ability to breathe.

2. The ENT, who has helped us through our weird ten-year journey with Jack’s cursed ears. He is still helping us and still lending us his optimism.

3. The gastroenterologist. She knows about all the shiz and still smiles at us without pity.

4. The pediatrician, who is a genuine ally.

5. The psychiatrist, who is critical to our family’s ability to function. And she prescribes the meds that save our lives.

I feel that my family is a priority to all these people, that they really care about us. Maybe they make everyone feel this way, who knows.

I was grateful to God for giving us access to some really terrific people to help my children medically and psychologically. Even when things are frightfully hard, He has always given us what we need and who we need to help us keep going.

Abundance can mean having just enough for what’s necessary at any point in time.


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