Jacky and the Tree(s)

The Saga of the Christmas Tree continues, to no one’s surprise. Jack has tried twice to tip over the new, fresh-cut tree. He hasn’t been successful thanks to Dutch’s sweet engineering skills.


This eye bolt anchored to a beam in the ceiling and some loops of wire have proven an effective antidote to the tree-tipping. There is still a fair bit of mopping up tree water and picking up the ornaments that fall softly like snowflakes during an assault. We have felt, paper, and wood ornaments now. Nothing breaks. Well, nothing breaks without considerable effort.

Last time Jack attacked the tree, I put him in time out and came back to assess the damage. “Issa disaster,” the three-year-old said. It really wasn’t though. Just a minor cleaning/redecorating half hour.

Tonight I found baby shooting hoops with one of the ornaments, a heavy green earthy-looking ball of faux herbs or grass. Whatever. Kids beat things up. Don’t get too attached.

Also, Jack found some rope in the garage and thoughtfully decorated this little tree. Festive!


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