Just Weird. Not Bad

So Christmas was weird again this year. Jack was so volatile and unpredictable, we had to change our plans.

I lowered my expectations. It helped.

I expected an entire Christmas day inside while it snowed outside, without any structure or routine, without respite, with high levels of excitement, with sensory overload, with many many tired people (including Dutch and me) to be long and frightening.

It was long, but it was okay. When you expect the worst, any small good thing that happens is a spark of light. It’s unexpected and it glows.

The sparks for me:

*Charlie asking when the song “Police La-Di-La” (sic) was going to come on the radio.

*The guys opening their presents. It was 100% joyful, especially Jack with his vibrating foot massage bath.

*Watching the three littlest boys watch a train go around and around it’s track. Boys + Trains = Magic (duh)

*Making bacon, eggs, and hash browns. A little crispy.

*Snow falling off and on all Christmas Day.

*Having nowhere to be.

*That 20 minute nap I took in front of the fire when Jack was cooling off in time out.

*Texts, phone calls, and face timing with family far away.

Weird isn’t always bad.

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