1. When Jack has honest to goodness diarrhea, I want the earth to rend beneath my feet and swallow us up in a giant crevasse. Death by chasm has got to be easier than cleaning up liquid poo splatters off the kitchen walls, baseboards, and floor.

2. Since my iPad is out of commission, I’ve been using a desktop computer. It makes me feel like a legitimate writer to sit at a desk in a room lined with books, instead of writing in my bed. Look at me! I’m acting like a grown up who types things in an office!

3. Winter needs to end soon because I can’t stop with the mint hot cocoa. Or the salt and vinegar chips. Or anything edible that strikes my fancy, actually.

4. Books are keeping me moderately sane this week.

5. My friends are angel people who go about being thoughtful. They do things like hand deliver a chocolate bundt cake on the heels of the worst month ever. They’ve been known to send, from several states away, a package of Ghiradelli chocolate on a morning of death by poo squirts. They can be trusted to come visiting teaching and listen and get weepy with me, and bring a lemon raspberry cupcake that I don’t have to share with anyone.

6. Kindness and friendship are the best gifts.

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