Slice of Autism Life: Part Two

Once upon a time, I wrote about a typical family night in our home.

Here is another installment of the Family Home Evening spectacle, which last night involved:

*One three-year-old climbing in and out of a giant cardboard box, trying to close the flaps to shut himself in.

*One six-year-old climbing on the shelves, looking for a “book about Jesus,” but returning with a book about Yoda.

*One ten-year-old crouched in the corner, plugging in his new vibrating foot spa from Santa, who is good about bringing sensory integration devices.

*One thirteen-year-old offering the prayer, saying “bless Mom and Dad that they will survive the night.” He’s lived in this family long enough to know that praying for the parents to “survive the next few hours” is a frequent, worthy, and necessary supplication.

The lesson went like this:

Me: “When Jesus lived on earth, he taught us to love one another.”

Charlie: “Why did Jesus like donkeys and cows?”

Me: “A donkey carried Jesus’s mother, Mary, to Bethlehem. To love one another means that we care about other people and treat them with kindness.”

Charlie: “Why did Jesus like to have a big beard? What did the beard help him do?”

Me: “Lots of people had big beards when Jesus lived. When we love someone, we can find ways to help them.”

Charlie: “Baby, I’ll lift you into this big box!”

Henry: “Welcome to Family Home Evening, Goates style.”

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