Special Ed

Parent Teacher Conferences were this week for my two boys with IEP’s, so of course I wrote down a smattering of the esoteric conversations only a special needs parent experiences with teachers.

“I’m pretty sure Jack thinks I’m trying to starve him.” (Miss N)

“Charlie has figured out that the first two kids in the recess line have to hold the doors for the rest of the class. He is very scrappy and is almost always third in line.” (Miss A)

“We have a ‘no running in the classroom rule,’ so he power walks everywhere. The other kids power walk with him in a sort of restrained race.” (Miss A)

“Since we made him wear the footed jammies once, he doesn’t try to take off his clothes anymore in class.” (Miss N)

“I assigned each student a flower on the circle time rug. There was too much jostling and power walking for the spots in front.” (Miss A)

“He isn’t attacking anymore, except for the occasional angry squeeze or pinch.” (Miss N)

“We got the doubles flash cards you sent home, but his brother shredded them.” (Me)

“Let’s talk about next year’s placement. I want him to stay here. Please say the autism units aren’t moving to yet another school.” (Me)

“Jack and another student require a partition between them in the classroom.” (Miss N)

“He loved cooking time yesterday, but was offended that we wanted him to try Jello.” (Miss N)

“He is making progress with the eight steps of shoe tying in OT.” (Miss A)

“I’ll send more snacks.” (Me)

“I’m sorry your first week of teaching was when my child started violently rampaging.” (Me)

“Charlie is blossoming in your class.” (Me)


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