When Driving Was Simple

Do you ever look back at a previous time in your life and wonder why you didn’t rejoice every day about how great things were then as compared to now?

I keep doing this.

I will find myself thinking how just a few months ago, we could drive in the car without a ten-year-old funnel cloud whirling destruction on everyone. We were able to drive places without implementing extreme safety measures.

Why wasn’t I thanking my lucky stars every time I left the house with all my children? Why didn’t I realize how good we had it?

I’m not the type who looks at the past with an inflated sense of nostalgia. I’m crabby and contrary enough that I tend to remember exactly how I felt when things were difficult. The past generally makes me grateful for the present. Is it strange that I remember the hard parts best and that I’m glad it’s now instead of then?

Yet now I understand the bliss that was driving my children around without a bouncer in the backseat controlling Jack.

I have started to wonder what parts of today I am under-appreciating.

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