Hardship Stories

They asked me to give a little thing yesterday in Relief Society. Before church, I told Dutch that they wanted to me take a few minutes and contribute to the lesson.

“What’s the topic?” he asked.

“Guess.” I replied.

“Trials and tribulations?” he ventured.

“Bingo. Patience in adversity.”

Because I guess when people think of hardship, they think of us. Dutch was asked to give a similar thing in a recent High Priests’ Group lesson.

There certainly isn’t a dearth of things for me to say on the topic of coping with challenges. And I’m always happy to shoot my mouth off about things, so there you go. We don’t seek out the spotlight, but we have plenty to say about living a life mottled with growth experiences and lessons in patience.

If you need someone to speak about hard things with a side of poop and snark, I’m apparently your woman.

And if you need some hardship stories with a dry wit and less poo talk, Dutch is clearly your man.


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