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I am now recovered from a most horrible three-day weekend. 

Today was all sunshine and spring weather, and boys happy to be back into the weekday routine. But yesterday, man. And the day before that. Yeesh. Jack’s behavior followed it’s typical weekend trajectory of dipping deep into the category of “heinous.” I don’t feel like recounting all the negative things that happened. We will leave it like this: they happened. 

And I’ve decided I’m not finished talking about the Old Testament. 

I’ve been listening to The Book of Job in my morning scripture routine these past lamentable days. That’s where I was in my chronological daily study of the OT, and it was just right.

I do not mean to compare myself to Job, friends. I do not have skin smitten with sore boils, my children haven’t all been crushed by a falling house, and I am not currently reviled by all who know me. But Job’s story leapt off the screen of my phone via my Shakespearean-y narrator and pulled at my ears, saying quietly and piercingly, “Listen.”

So I did. I mean I already was listening, but now I was really listening.

Job was a perfect and just man, highly esteemed and successful, the father of ten grown children. Then, through no fault of his own, it all unravelled rather dramatically and quickly. He lost everything. I’ve always heard about the patience of Job, but I didn’t realize that Job’s story wasn’t all meekness and long suffering. Job struggled.

He says he wishes he had died at birth.

He proclaims, “My soul is weary of my life,” and I went, “YES!! My soul feeleth the same way!” And I mentally high-fived Job of the Book of Job.

He goes on to say that he nevertheless trusts God and will submit to whatever he throws down, including but not limited to, total bodily destruction. 

Job tells Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar that, yeah my wife won’t speak to me, little children are terrified of my face, and my friends and kin have forgotten me, but all is well because I know that my redeemer liveth and I will someday stand before him.

This is why I want to invite Job to my house to eat pizza and brownies and talk about life.

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