Third Son

Today Charlie held up his toy machine gun, which was broken in half. 

“My gun is broken,” he wailed. “I need some goose tape.”

Because goose tape is stronger than duck (sic) tape, duh. 

“Let’s go find some goose tape in the garage,” Dutch said to third son.

Also today, Charlie said he wants to go to Cabela’s for his birthday this month and buy all the guns with his “Washington.” It’s the limp one dollar bill that he carries everywhere, including to school and church. Kid drops Washingtons like they grow on trees. 

Other things Charlie wants to do for his birthday in two weeks: go to the beach, go to the cabin, go deer hunting, go ice skating, build an igloo, paint his fingernails, see Paddington, go to the gas station, have a sleepover with his cousins, go skiing, go to Alaska, go to the bike park, and eat cake.

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