A Piper is Down

Today was Fishing Day for Jack’s school. I kept him home because Jack on an hour-long bus ride each way for five minutes of fishing = bad. When the bus came for Charlie, I tried to block Jack from seeing it so he wouldn’t fly off the handle when I told him, “No bus today.” 

He heard the bus and pushed against me. Jack weighs only slightly less than I do at this moment in time. I held my ground. Then the ground rose up to smack me in the face, because socks on wood floors can be dangerous when you and Jack are having a shoving stand-off. 

Face plants are funny, at least when they happen to someone else.

My sister Sarah recently said, “People falling down are funny. But not as funny as this story I’m about to tell you.”

It went like this:

Sarah and her friend Annie were sitting at the back of the room one Sunday during Young Women. Annie’s sister, Katie, stood at the front of the room speaking. Katie, a tender soul, was getting very emotional as she spoke. 

Just as she really lost it and the serious water works began, someone outside the church window started practicing their bagpipes.

Sarah and Annie shook with barely suppressed laughter. Tears sprang from their eyes as Katie talked and sobbed, and the piper blasted a loud, mournful tune at the window. The young women leaders turned and gave them the stink eye for laughing during Katie’s testimony.

Sarah thought, “Is no one else seeing and hearing this?”

We died laughing at this retelling. And then we listened to this audio clip of a radio traffic announcer zoning out in the weirdest way possible:

I dare you not to laugh. 

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