Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!

I keep hearing that nobody writes or reads blogs anymore. This can’t be entirely true, because there are still plenty of famous bloggers earning fat incomes from their blogs which happens because THEY HAVE LOTS OF READERS. Obviously.

And yet, apparently I came onto the blogging scene after all the cool kids everywhere had tried it and were now done with it. Whatever. Fewer bloggers now means I don’t give a crap because I LIKE TO BLOG.

And I like to write phrases in all caps, I’m finding. ALL CAPS! YAY!

My blog remains therapeutic to me. It’s a joy, an escape, a purpose, an outlet. It’s a connection with my friends, other writers, and other parents. The world and I have a convenient little portal for interfacing in this blog.

I also read blogs. Nothing too famous, because NO THANKS and also BORING. Just the blogs of people I like, who are unique and marvelous.

Here they are:

There are a few other private blogs I read and love, too.

The Internet is nice to have around.

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